Welcome to my piece of the internet. Not as homey as the Shire, but better than the Fire Swamp. Here, you’ll find an occasional book review, writing thoughts, and (hopefully) information that will help someone become a better writer. I am a strong believer that writing is not a genetic trait. While great writing can come naturally to some, excellent and soul-tickling writing can be learned–and taught. There are millions of great articles about writing and the writing process out there, but we all learn differently. I hope to share what I’ve gleaned with others. Because as passionate as I am about writing, I am equally passionate about helping others to become the very best writer they can be.

In the end I’m less interested in being a brilliant writer and more interested in being a skilled craftsman and helping others do the same.  Happy writing, happy reading, and thanks for visiting. (While you’re here, feel free to check out some of my own writing–I mean, if you want.)