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Blog Hop

The wonderful Linda Fry asked me to participate in a blog hop discussing writing process, so here it is. Please visit her blog as well at

1. What am I working on right now?

Right now, I’m working on edits for a YA contemp that will be published by Anaiah Press in Feb of 2015, I’m otherwise working on falling in love with my next project. I just finished revision version 9,000 on a YA sci-fi, and I’m awaiting feedback for edit 9,001. I have about 3 MG ideas floating around in my skull, a sequel to the aforementioned sci-fi, and several YA tales of various genres I’m eager to explore.

2. How does my work differ from others in the genre?

Well, I think I’m still figuring that out. I think I’m pretty flexible–able to write male main character viewpoint as well as female viewpoint. I read an article recently that said a reader should be able to pick up your book and know instantly that you wrote it. I don’t know about that. I write first person narratives, so I want each story to be unique to the character’s voice. If my female contemp character sounds like my male dark sci-fi character–Houston, we have a problem.

3. Why do I write what I do?

Effects of extended puberty maybe. I’m very drawn to MG and YA type characters. The events in their lives are so raw and real that any and every situation has the potential to be amplified. Most situations, extravagant or mundane, are unique to them and first time experiences. I love exploring ways that these characters in these age groups deal with things for the first time. Ironic, my first and only contemp book is being published, but what I write mostly is sci-fi and fantasy of some sort.

4. How does my writing process work?

Most things start with an idea, like a seed. A what if…? I let the thought germinate, occasionally watering it with further thought. Most times I will write a chapter and another until the idea takes hold of me or until I lose interest. If I lose interest, I know the reader will too, unless I can fertilize it with a fresh passion. Then when I’m writing I follow the Marty McFly school of editing, but that’s an idea for another post. Right now, I have about fifteen books that are in various stages of completion. One of them, however (my YA sci-fi), keeps pulling me back in! I’m getting ready to simply ask my CP group to write it for me (I’ll give them credit, of course–in the acknowledgments.)

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