About Me/WIP’s

My name is John, and I write. I try to write a lot–a couple of books a year at least. I have a hard time writing strictly in any one genre, but I do tend to stick to YA and MG. Although I am particularly drawn to science fiction and fantasy, I get ideas that demand to be explored–stories that demand to be told. Which ones get written are the ones that shout the loudest–the ones that force me to write them just so I will know what happens.

Completed (or perpetually revising):

  • Of Things Unseen-YA sci-fi
  • What Happens After Ever-YA MG fantasy/humor
  • Bricks-YA contemporary Published with Anaiah Press (Feb. 2015)
  • Dream Assassin-YA sci-fi
  • The Superhero’s Daughter-YA urban fantasy
  • The Black Dragon of Shotgun Gulch-MG historical fantasy
  • S.C.A.N.-YA sci-fi/dystopian
  • Whispers of Steel-MG fantasy