What Happens After Ever – MG Fairy Tale

Princess Gemineen needs to find a boy. The victim of a court-ordered curse from her parents’ royally nasty divorce, Gem must find true love before the stroke of midnight welcomes her thirteenth birthday. So what if she has no idea what true love is. Without it—it’s THE END for her. But finding love in the tri-kingdom area has proven to be a boffo bust. There’s Orvis Bumbledone, but he’s just a friend—and just a servant. Not the ever-after kind of love she needs. 

Orvis Bumbledone wants Gem dead, and he has plans to make it happen. She dies; his mother—an attorney of the dark arts does her thing, and presto! Goodbye servant boy, hello how-do-you-like-me-now King! (Insert wicked laugh.) The plan is going swimmingly until doofus Prince Dalton shows up.

Brave? No. Daring? Meh. A Prince? Booyah! Prince Dalton of Southbury comes to her rescue. So he’s not the sharpest sword in the duel. He’s cute, and did he mention he’s captain of the junior high jousting team? When his disastrous attempt to rescue the love-cursed girl gets him sent to the bench before the game gets started, he begins to question the validity of all those trophies on his mantel place. 

When Orvis persuades Gem to go on a forbidden search for the meaning of true love and Dalton crashes their quest, things get complicated. Orvis now has two fatal accidents to coordinate, made more difficult when Gem keeps saving Dalton. Orvis is frustrated. Dalton’s embarrassed, and Gem, well, she’s pretty much convinced that true love is something reserved for silly fairy tales.